World Cup Russia 2018 – Fans Of The 32 Nations

(EDITORS NOTE: The composite has been made with the following images 874396390,451165572,451858500,81589959,71218677,146397624,85438373,1292596,81511729,81577332,76893617,81490634,450759028,2972248,492239626,53105736,71204877,451389822,52548846,102430315,1613457,682536,146478879,90184895,102170234,159344522,450712630,1922282,71176173,848943,478522776,56815733) This composite image shows a fan of each of the 32 national teams taking part in the 2018 World Cup starting on June 14, 2018 in Russia. (Photo by Getty Images)

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